Phil Moffett For State House District 32 in Louisville

I look forward to serving the citizens of the 32nd House District and all Kentuckians as we face our Commonwealth’s seemingly perpetual problems of high unemployment, failing public schools, job‐killing tax codes, and mounting public debts including one of the worst‐funded public pension systems in the nation

Kentucky has incredible potential but needs new ideas and fortitude to improve future opportunities for our children and grandchildren. I promise to work hard to bring positive changes to Kentucky.

Constitutionally Limited Government: Protect your individual freedoms and liberty by supporting Constitutionally-sound public policy above party politics.​

Jobs & Business Environment: Replace our current job-killing state tax code to a system which attracts companies and encourages job growth.Improve

Public Education: Hold local districts accountable, put teachers in control of the classroom, public charter schools and public school choice for parents.​

Fiscal Responsibility: Stop piling government debt on our children & grandchildren.

My First Obligation to You

Protecting your personal liberty by promoting Constitutionally Limited Government is my first obligation.  Every time government gets bigger your personal liberty - your freedom - gets smaller.  

I believe sound public policy should be held above party loyalty.  I will review each piece of legislation and regulation through this prism.  

I pledge to do everything I can to thwart government overreach thereby protecting individual freedom and liberty for generations to come.

Phil Moffett, Republican

Phil Moffett

for State Representative - District 32

New Ideas for a Better Kentucky